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Co-Chairs: Donna Tremonte (@donnatremonte), Raman Prasad and Dan Cabral
Group Email: abcd-www@abcd.harvard.edu

The Harvard Web Working Group is a group of designers and developers who work at Harvard and MIT (through our sister group MIT WebPub). We meet once a month in a forum inside the Lamont library as an opportunity to learn and talk about current web trends, methods, platforms that industry developers are staying fresh on. If you would like to attend an event RSVP to @harvardwww with your name. If you would like to give a talk or request a topic, email us! If you have a Harvard email address and would like to join our email list, register here.

Harvard University's ABCD Committee is an informal, University-wide association promoting communication and collaboration on technology-related topics across organizational boundaries. W3 was founded by Andrew Hubble and Anne Marie Countie.

Upcoming Meetings

We are off for the summer!  Our next meeting will be in September.

For slides and other details on recent meetings, visit the Past Events page.

First Roundtable Discussion

Yesterday was our first joint ABCD-WWW/CMS roundtable discussion. The meeting was an informal, getting to know each other affair. It was also an opportunity for us to hear what you as members would like to get out of our meetings.

We enjoyed it so much we are thinking of ending every semester with a joint roundtable discussion. It was a great way to get to know you all and hear your thoughts and concerns. And to top it all off, the Weatherhead Center was nice enough to donate refreshments!

Some of the topics for future talks mentioned were:
• responsive web design
• iCommons and WordPress
• managed hosting
• universal accessibility
• Harvard/Google Apps and Analytics
• MVC vs. CMS
• presenting web content (including data) in visually compelling ways, technologies like infographics, tools like highcharts, and some use cases within the University

We would love to have others chime in about what they would like to learn about, or if you would like to give a talk or know of someone we could contact about the above topics, please let us know. These are your ABCD groups, and thanks for making it a great year!

Happy holidays and New Year!
Donna, Kristin and Seth

Faras Sadek, Gitorious

Gitorious: features and demo

What are the features of Gitorious and why did SEAS choose it? Faras gave a short demo of how to use the SEAS code repository with git commands and the Gitorious interface. His slides are available in Google Docs.

Also, here is the link to the document Faras mentioned that his colleague Lars Kellog-Stedman put together, “An Introduction to Version Control with GIT

Faras Sadek is a programmer and data analyst with SEAS computing since 2008. His main focus is cloud computing, including OpenStack and Amazon EC2. Additionally he has worked on database and web development for SEAS computing and the Office for Research and Planning (ORP). He deployed the SEAS code repository and assisted HUIT in deploying the same service. Faras also set up a Windows deployment mechanism in support of theInstructional Lab at SEAS.
Faras received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science From Al- Nahrain University in 1999, and a Master’s degree from the same university in 2002. He has lectured in Computer Science at Al-Nahrain University and Baghdad University, and has worked as a programmer from 2002 until 2006. In 2006, Faras joined SEAS as a research scholar from Baghdad University working on Digital Signal Processing. In 2008 he joined the Academic Computing group at SEAS as a programmer and data analyst. He can be reached at fadel@seas.harvard.edu.

Jumpstart your web app

glyphosaurusAri Rizzitano’s gave a talk on Wednesday, July 11th, called “Jumpstart your web app [pdf].” Using glyphosaurus as an example, Ari went over everything from preparation, content planning, and wireframing, to design, development, and release cycles.

Glyphosaurus is a web app that allows users to share and discover letter forms, pretty much every typography zealot’s dream site. And she brought stickers, we were off to an excellent start!

Ari stressed the importance of finding a problem worth solving, gathering a team, and embarking on your own web app journey. Content planning is key, and one of the lessons learned was to be very clear about release dates and milestones, and to stick to the original plan. Don’t let feature creep derail your release date.

Ari Rizzitano, @arizzitano, is a web developer at Upstatement who spends most of her waking hours writing Python, PHP, and JS. She enjoys object-oriented design, image processing, and getting caught in the rain.


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